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1.How to Re-Activate a Deeply Discharged SOK Bluetooth Battery

2.How To Wake Up A Sleeping LiFePO4 Battery

3.How To Wire & Program A Victron SmartShunt for SOK LiFePO4 Batteries

4.How to Program a Victron Multiplus-II 2x120 for LiFePO4 Batteries (SOK)

5.How To Configure AIMS Converter/Charger for SOK LiFePO4

6.How to Configure SOK 206Ah Batteries for 24v & 48v Systems

7.How to read and set the ABC-BMS app

​8.what battery box should I choose for SOK battery?

Normally, if you install the battery inside of your RV or Home, we suggest no need battery box, but if you need one, check this:

9.How to use SOK battery bluetooth app?

10.All Parallel / Series Connection Limitations

11.Recommended Settings for Victron SmartShunt, BMV 712 & Lynx Shunt

12.Bluetooth Battery: How To Calibrate SOC% and Actual Capacity Readings

13.How to Wake Up A Sleeping Battery (All 12V,24V Models)

14.How to using the bluetooth app?


14.How to replace the BMS for SOK Metal box battery?

15.How to replace the BMS for SOK Plastic box battery?

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